Oil Gas And Mineral Brokerage


GEAMS GROUP strives to provide a stellar service, our clients range from early stage exploration companies to established full-cycle businesses with development and production assets. We handle all prospects with great discretion and confidentiality. Gas and petroleum industries are some of the most prominent sectors of the economies in different countries worldwide. This is because, with the diminishing coal resources, the number of companies using oil or gas as a power source for their development is high. The number of gas consumers is also on the rise as the number of vehicles and other automotives whether water, air and land keep surging, day in, day out.

GEAMS GROUP facilitates all aspects of the transaction, providing all contracts needed, handling negotiations and complete follow through. We play a crucial role in successfully developing our client’s intended business strategy advising on all aspects of general finance, corporate finance, optimising the capital structure and simply acting as a sounding board for potential transactions. GEAMS GROUP is forging ahead building strong relationships across the sectors but even stronger relationships with the increasing number of clients we serve.